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Hotel Owners You Can Count On

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Hotel Owners You Can Count On

At Pacific Plaza Hotels, we consider each property’s unique requirements when transitioning into our care. Our careful attention to detail ensures that your asset continues to succeed well into the future and beyond the initial transition. Learn more about the people who live by this owner-centered philosophy by getting to know our dedicated team of hotel management professionals.


We operate with three key elements in mind:

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How We’re Making a Difference

Consistently tracking property success

Using Key Performance Indices (KPIs) we carefully monitor the state of your property.

Maintaining transparency with our clients

We keep hotel owners, managers and staff up-to-date on the latest KPI results to ensure all challenges and accomplishments are addressed. 

Providing long-term financial gains

With your property’s legacy in mind, we plan and oversee the maintenance and upgrades of our client’s properties.

Developing strong relationships with our partners

At the core of our company, we believe there is fundamental value in creating a partnership with owners, managers, staff and guests of our hotels.

Our experience as hotel owners has allowed us to understand the most pressing needs of our clients. To learn more about our services and how we can help your business, contact us today!

3 reasons to stay with us

To provide optimal performance for our clients while treating you with honesty, integrity and respect.

 First-Hand Ownership Expertise

 Awarded the Status of Best Western Preferred Vendor

 Well-Versed on Western U.S. Markets and Demand Generators

 40+ Years of Industry Knowledge

Made up of previous hotel owners and passionate hospitality professionals, our team of experts strives to meet your every need.