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Pacific Plaza Hotels: A Best Western Preferred Vendor

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Pacific Plaza Hotels: A Best Western Preferred Vendor

From the early days of our family-run hotel development company to the Best Western preferred vendor we are today, Pacific Plaza Hotels has always had our clients’ best interests in mind. We have earned this title through the dedicated efforts of providing the highest quality service to our clients, staff and guests.

Discover who we are and how we achieved this preferred status by learning more about our current properties and processes.

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About Our Properties

Operating out of Alameda, California, Pacific Plaza Hotels manages Best Western and Best Western PLUS properties all across the western United States. No matter your need, our team is here to support you from the moment you contact us!

Establishing a Relationship

Part of what makes Pacific Plaza Hotels unique is our keen attention to detail and our genuine passion for connecting with others. While we work hard to manage your property, we work just as hard to develop a relationship with our clients.

This owner-centric approach has contributed to our success and has caused our hotel management company to thrive over the past 40 years. 

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Future Prospects

As we look into the future of our hotel management company, we strive to maintain our Best Western preferred vendor status through a number of ways. In keeping with our best practices, we will continue to work alongside hotel owners to boost your property’s value and do what is necessary to take it to the next level.

From development and receivership to management and ownership, Pacific Plaza Hotels management company is here to answer all your questions. 

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Book a Consultation

As a Best Western preferred vendor, you can trust that we have the time and resources it takes to manage your property. Discover more about our management styles by booking a consultation with us today.

3 reasons to stay with us

To provide optimal performance for our clients while treating you with honesty, integrity and respect.

 First-Hand Ownership Expertise

 Awarded the Status of Best Western Preferred Vendor

 Well-Versed on Western U.S. Markets and Demand Generators

 40+ Years of Industry Knowledge

Made up of previous hotel owners and passionate hospitality professionals, our team of experts strives to meet your every need.