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Pacific Plaza Hotels Phone: 1000 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 100, Alameda, California 94501

Hotel Management Testimonials

Wharf Inn Owner, Mrs. Josephian

The Wharf Inn has played a very important role in the Josephian family for more than 30 years. Levon recognized its location as being a "winner" and with his keen understanding of business he made it so.
When he began thinking ahead to his retirement years, he realized the need for finding someone who would carry on in the manner he felt best for the business. I think Levon was always a good judge of character and this belief has been proved to be true. Under your direction thru Thunderbird Properties and more recently, Pacific Plaza Hotels, Inc., his faith in you has surely been confirmed.
Virginia, Linda and I have benefited greatly over the years as the result of the success of the business. Since you have taken over, many changes have taken place in the business in general, conditions in the area and the aging of the property itself. We feel very grateful for your stewardship in all of this and we are sure Levon would be very happy about the way you have taken care of the Wharf Inn and have seen it thru some difficult challenges. His faith in your ability has been more than justified. You have our sincere thanks!
Yours truly,
Elaine Josephian

Best Western Garden Inn Owners, Don & Shirley Bromley

If I never said it before due to forgetfulness and a mean personality, let me say now, "thanks for doing a great job of running the old joint". I never thought I would grow to love a signature so much until yours kept showing up monthly. It makes my day.
Yours forever,
Don Bromley

Khaled Kaawar, General Manager Quality Suites

I just wanted to send a sincere and warm thank you for everything you do for me and the Quality Suites. Without your follow through and your dedication, things would be so much harder. I really appreciate it.

Kelli Vlhos, Sales Manager Amerisuites

...thanks for your professional and personal approach in managing our hotel. You guys are a breath of fresh air!
Kelli Vlahos